I adore outdoor photo sessions!! 

Spring is finally here, inspiration is everywhere, and there are so many opportunities to collaborate with the natural beauty around us. 

Nanette Lima is a powerful woman I have had the pleasure of witnessing as she has unfolded, wholeheartedly stepped into her gifts and is growing and sharing her intentional practices of yoga, mantra, and personal ritual and ceremony with the world. 

You can find her offerings at www.yveswanderdlust.com

Sweet Abundance

I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to do this work. 

I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing than getting to meet with powerful, tenderhearted individuals who are sharing their gifts with the world in healing ways. It is a privilege to create a space for people to unfold, to show up, to express, to create, to embody. It brings me joy to facilitate, to witness and to document the process of these experiences, and I find that there is a healing in the work itself. 

Photo sessions with Amber Jane are pure magic! Her Spirit Medicine practices are not only powerful, but beautiful to witness and have brought me peace, clarity, abundance and inspiration. You can learn more about her offerings (including custom oil blends – my favorite!) on her new website!  http://www.sweetabundance.net/

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