by firelight

by firelight, we gather

the soft light and crackle and each other

our only distractions

from self

it is quieter here

for listening to human murmurings 

we can only see by dim light 

the contours

All images were made in Summer 2014 throughout Oregon (Portland, Hood River, on the McKenzie River, and in Yachats).

tour: mold on wallpaper

I think for a long time I’ve been boxing my own creativity in. Trying to get it to fit into certain ideas I hold for myself and what being a photographer or an artist or a human should be. I have so many photos I never know what to do with. I hope to use my blog more often for these little sets of things I see and capture. Little tours of corners of the world the way I see it. 

night blooms

This shoot with fellow photographer and friend Sofia Marcus-Myers was a crazy experiment in shooting at night with a flash, something I’d not really done before. She was the best collaborator, willing to play and try things. It’s so rewarding to take risks, try new things and make tons of mistakes and see what kinds of magic and happy accidents come from simply showing up to shoot. 

Thanks Sofia! xo

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