Healing Trauma

We, every one of us, is here in a vessel. 

We are spirit and light and formless energy that has traveled to this place, this dimension to experience the world of form in a human body. 

But, carried in this world of form exists thousands of generations of trauma. Every war, every abuse and exploit, every oppression and every act that has been made from a place of fear or unconsciousness. We carry it in the cells of our being, inherited like a sickness. We are also vessels for trauma, acting as hosts. Those who carry vast amounts of trauma are generally those who transfer traumatic energy to new vessels through their words and actions. 

It is our purpose to transmute and clear the traumatic energy that exists in our vessels in order to make way for our spirit and future spirits to thrive in this world. We can do this through the following process: 

First, we can be still, quiet our minds, and acknowledge our formless energy. Some call this meditation. 

Second, when we are still, we can begin to notice the places in our physical bodies where the trauma is manifesting. Where are we holding tension and dis-ease? 

Next, we can utilize the gift of ritual to transmute and physically release the trauma from our bodies. This can happen through movement, song, creation. Any activity we give our full concentration to and for which we set a divine intention for the greatest, most benevolent outcome alchemically changes and releases traumatic energy back to the earth. But we must set an intention. We must allow the process. We must be still before we can take action. 

If we do not proactively initiate and carry out this clearing process, our body will make attempts to help us. This is when we cry. Tears are the body’s built in trauma-release function. If we ignore or suppress our bodies increasingly loud attempts to get our attention, this is when we find ourselves requiring the help of Western medicine, which primarily addresses the dis-ease of the physical body, but generally fails to acknowledge the spirit. 

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