One of my true passions is getting to be a witness to others living their own passion.

Passion is that firey spirit that motivates and drives each of us as individuals to do what we do. It is truly an honor to get to be in the presence of this energy, to hear what makes another person tick and to learn which activities connect them to the world and simultaneously bring them closer to their inner selves.  I love hearing the wisdom people learn on their own journeys as they show up to life, do the work, and find themselves immersed in the beauties and challenges of being human. 

It was such a pleasure to spend to spend the morning with the inspirational and beautiful Angie Garcia. This woman is a powerful entrepreneur (founder of Escuela Viva and creator of Delightfully Urban), a crazy-good mother, someone who brings people together, and who is an overwhelmingly positive force of energy.

We explored Washington Park on a sunny February morning “chasing light” with our cameras and sharing heart stories, wisdom and enjoying the first signs of spring. 

Thanks for sharing your passion, Angie!

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