Yacolt, WA // 03.16.2017

I drove to Moulton Falls alone. The water levels at the falls were unusually high. 

I met Deb (David e.b.) along the trail with his grandson Jim, and Jim’s two friends from a fraternity at University of Washington. Deb owns a vineyard in the Yacolt area, and has lived there for over 40 years. They led me to the falls when I was a bit turned around. We traipsed through the water soaked trails and tried to keep our socks dry. Jim told me about studying for a business degree in the hopes of inheriting his dad’s security company, and shared that he’s also a portrait photographer as a hobby.

We parted ways on the way back as I stopped to make photographs. 

I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy stepping into new places for a look.

Happiness is simultaneously a right, a privilege, a choice and a responsibility. 

I have been given everything. Because I love myself, I do not allow the Love of the universe to fall to the ground. I choose to open myself in vulnerability for every manifesting gift to be taken up into my being. 

I witness, I feast, I digest, I say thank you, and I emanate Love from my core to those who willingly take it up next. 

Let us spiral upward together in the flow of Love. Let us ascend. 

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