What is sacred?

Something we hold as precious. The things to which we are deeply, even reverently dedicated, such as honesty to one's life partner, old growth forests, clean water, human rights, the joyous wonder of a small child, or longings for the people of the world to feel healed and whole.

Also, the stories of your life are sacred. YOU are sacred.

Each story of hardship and each story of triumph is a milestone on your path. As you move through the world, the stories of your life shape who you are, where you have been, and influence who you will become.

Sacred Sessions honor the transitions of your life with a visual story, celebrating all that you are experiencing as you ever evolve into your most authentic YOU. It is my highest gift to be present with you as a compassionate witness as you honor significant moments and chapters in your vibrant life with a Sacred Session. It is my passion to create personal, artful images for you to keep and remember as a mark of these important times and places and changes. Sessions can celebrate recovery, recognize and release grief, honor birth and death, acknowledge changes in relationships, or simply be a gift to yourself as an act of self-love.

Each session is highly individualized and I will work closely with you to explore the best way to honor and express your experiences.

I schedule a very limited number of Sacred Sessions each year. For inquiries and booking, contact me at brianacerezo.photo@gmail.com.