p l a y i n g h o u s e

p l a y i n g h o u s e , made in 2015 and in 2020, explores the dynamics in interpersonal and familial relationships. The earlier images play with themes of attachment and loss, disempowerment, codependency and the complex feelings and actions associated with the need for external validation.

The images are the result of intuitive and collaborative play. Looking back, the early work reflects my inner landscape at the time, mirroring the limiting beliefs, attachments and insecurities that steered my life. During this period, I was drawn to creating in locations that were empty, decaying, or in transition. Much of this series was created in a dilapidated and abandoned historical mansion in Portland, Oregon.

Since then, much in my life has transformed. The years in between 2015 and 2020 were comprised of immense growth, healing, and a shift in my understanding of healthy relationships. Curiously, during the same time period, the mansion where this work was made underwent a complete restoration. With support from the home's new owner and interest from new and returning collaborators, in 2020, I revisited  p l a y i n g h o u s e, creating new images that express inner and outer transformation.

Sincere thanks to Kya Bliss, William Ylvisaker, Enrico D. Wey, Samantha Montanaro, Julie Buechler, Sean James, Julia Bray, Cale Haugen, Intisar Abioto, Amenta Abioto, Hanifah Abioto, Kristen Mico, Lisa Bolden and Conrad Kaczor for their trust and guidance, creativity, and for the playful knowingness that lives in all of us when we stay open to listening. 

Special thanks to Lyrin Murphy and Walter.

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